Stephen Connors Editor

My name is Stephen Connors, and I am a junior newspaper and online journalism major at the Newhouse School. I also currently work with The NewsHouse, an online campus news publication.

I was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and raised right outside Scranton in a town called Dunmore with my four siblings.

My favorite room

We have an unconventional kitchen in that around our kitchen table is a church pew, which acts as our seating for the table. My parents got it when a local church was shutting down, and it was perfect for squeezing in as many kids as possible to eat at the table. Whether it be siblings, cousins or other kids in the neighborhood, the pew was always full, and yet it always had room for one more. It became the gathering spot for everyone, and it’s also surprisingly comfortable. Every time I come home, I still look forward to gathering once again with all my family in our comfortable little church pew.