Lateshia Beachum Reporter

I am a South Carolina native who has worked in the nonprofit and insurance
industries for the past five years. My career change might seem random, but I have
always had the desire to listen to what others have to say, and my past experiences
have only strengthened my long-held dream to be a reporter.

Being a graduate student here has given me that opportunity to report on stories
like the ones on the South Side that can often get lost in other media outlets.

In case you’re wondering, I love Octavia Butler, most books, Netflix, and chocolate —
not necessarily in that order.

My favorite room

My favorite part of my South Carolina childhood home was my room.
In my room, I could be a singer, a spoken-word artist, a movie critic or sketch artist.
My room was my sometimes-quiet and sometimes-musical place where I could be
the girl, teenager, and woman I envisioned myself to be. It was also my favorite
place to have Baby Ruth bars while watching “Family Matters.”

My eggshell white walls were once plastered with Immature, then Usher, then
Destiny’s Child posters ripped from the pages of my favorite magazines like Word
Up and Vibe. It was in my room where I practiced speeches for oratorical contests. It
was in my room where I wrote terrible spoken-word rhymes about a skinny boy
named Michael. It was in my room where I found solace to decompress from the

As an adult in a new apartment and a new city, my room is still where I rest my head,
seeing the woman I wish to be.