Kenneth Londono Reporter

I am a senior Broadcast & Digital Journalism and International Relations dual major.

I was born and raised in New York City but my family comes from Colombia. At Syracuse University I am the executive producer of CitrusTV Noticias, the only Spanish language newscast in Central New York. I am very interested in telling the stories of under-represented groups.

My favorite room

Growing up, the center of my household was always the kitchen. It is hands down my favorite place in my house. The kitchen has always been a place for reunion and entertaining, and the source of some of my favorite memories. The aroma that came out of the kitchen would fill my house and signal for me to follow the smell and investigate.

It was extremely common in my family for us to congregate in the kitchen rather than the living room. Much of our time is spent cooking together in the kitchen, talking, laughing, and debating who has the better recipe.

Some of my earliest memories in my kitchen are pushing a chair in front of the stove and stealing a bite of whatever my mother was cooking, making sure I never got caught. I would lean over the hot stove, and stick my nose over some of the best smells I have ever experienced. My mother has always been a great cook, and from an early age I remember sitting in the kitchen watching her cook. Eventually I was promoted to sous chef and I became her little helper in the kitchen. By the age of 10 I could roast a chicken, and make the best bowl of pasta known to man. It was those days in my kitchen that have allowed me to survive four years of college. Even now, as I write this I can’t wait to go back home and help my mom create my next favorite meal.