Jake Cappuccino Reporter

Originally from Buffalo, New York, I’m currently a graduate student studying Magazine, Newspaper and Online journalism.

I wanted to write for the South Side Stand to tell the stories that the mainstream media isn’t covering. It’s often the stories that aren’t found in the mainstream that need to be told most and I hope I can share some of those rich untold stories from the South Side.

My favorite room

Ask anyone in my family about my favorite room in my house, and each one would tell you that it’s my bedroom. It’s where I spend most of my time and it has all of my things: my clothes, TV, computer, books and an ungodly amount of trinkets and useless junk, to be truthful. Yet, every single member of my immediate eight-person family would be wrong.

My favorite room has a lot in common with my bedroom: It’s usually pretty quiet, cozy and comfortable, and like my bedroom, this room has a lot of books. The library in my house is not very large; it’s smaller than my bedroom and my bedroom isn’t large, either. Yet, unlike my room, there is not one detail about the library that I would change.

If I had a dream house, the library would be identical, except maybe a tiny bit larger. I see paperbacks with their backs broken, one complete set of Encyclopedia Britannica, my parents’ travel companion books, an entire wall of photo albums and surely many books that I have forgotten. I love being around the books.

But the books are not all I love. With beautiful dark wooden walls and shelves, a gaspowered fireplace, two comfy chairs (but not so comfy to fall asleep reading), and the seclusion granted by a remote part of my house, the library, whether I am reading or not, will always be my favorite place to be.