Brooke Lewis Reporter

I am a graduate student in the Magazine, Newspaper, and Online program.

I am interested in issues that affect education, women, and other underrepresented groups. I hope to bring light to different cultural issues through stories I write. I think being a journalist is a powerful tool because you’re allowed to educate people about their community.

I’m also a native Texan who’s always craving Mexican food or Chik-fil-la.

My favorite room

My cat Sabrina loved the backyard of our house. I think she loved it more than anyone else in the family. She would run out to the backyard, eat some grass, and then happily trot back inside and throw up all over our kitchen floor. This happened countless times, and for some reason she never quite understood the consequences of her actions. Let’s just say she’s thrown up a lot since we first adopted her when I was in kindergarten.

I think I got the love of my outdoors from Sabrina. I started venturing out because someone needed to watch her when she went outside and simultaneously scold her to not eat the grass. I also started meeting people in the neighborhood. Our nextdoor neighbors had a daughter right around my age and we soon became fast friends. She and three other girls who lived on my street would knock on my door. My parents would usually answer. “Can Brooke come out and play?” they would ask. As an only child, I remember always eagerly awaiting their arrival at the door. My parents usually said “yes.”

I think I was one of the last generations of kids who played outside without their parents watching them. Our parents would come out occasionally, checking on us every now and then. I remember riding bikes with my across-the-street neighbor, Krista, into the wee hours of the night. I remember running up and down the sidewalk with my next-door-neighbor, Rachel, making up games that I can’t even remember now. I do remember not wanting the days to end. I also remember always feeling safe.