Alfred Ng Reporter

I am studying Newspaper and Online Journalism.

I’m a Brooklyn native currently living in Queens, New York. I’ve written for the Brooklyn Paper and the New York Daily News and I’ve had three different positions as an editor at the Daily Orange, the campus publication at Syracuse University.

I’m hoping to be a city and crime reporter after graduation, but also have occasional fantasies of becoming a famous breakdancer.

My favorite room

From the first to the fourth grade, I would consistently lie about my house.

I said I had my own room, a bookshelf just for toys – which I had plenty of – and cable TV. These were things all my friends had, so I felt like I needed to have them, too.

I had none of those things. The truth was, I lived in a small studio apartment with my mom and dad, sharing a king-sized bed with them for those four years. No toys, no TV, no bed.

When we moved across Brooklyn from Sunset Park to Bensonhurst in 2004, I finally had my own room. My first bed, the one I slept in when I turned 8 years old, is the same bed I’m sleeping in now, whenever I’m home in New York.

The privacy and solitude of my own room was a big step up from waking up to my dad’s loud snoring every night. It meant being able to listen to music whenever I wanted, eating a family-sized bag of chips without being nagged about nutrition and pretending like I was going to sleep at my mandatory bed time.

I liked my room so much, eventually my parents caught on and started sending me out of my room as punishments.

I even learned how to breakdance in my own room. I was embarrassed to dance in public and didn’t want my parents knowing I was trying to spin on my head for about two hours a day.

I found myself in the same place anybody can find me today – within the comforts of my own bedroom.