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Discover the housing in your neighborhood

How to use this Interactive Map

There are 140 Census tracts in Onondaga County’s 19 towns and the city of Syracuse. Use the map to find key data about each.

First, from the top left choose what data you’d like to see for any of three “opportunity indexes” — for education, economy or housing. Then click on any of the towns or the city on the map. A box will open, and you can scroll through it to reveal a dozen or so key data points for that category. Keep clicking on other towns or the city to compare. Or, change categories and explore them.

The map is color-coded, so for any search in any category you can see how the town or city rates on a scale of “quintiles” ranging from very low, to low, to moderate, to high to very high.

The three indexes also were combined to create an overall “opportunity index.”

You can also type any particular address in the search box, for any index. If you do this, the map zooms in very close. Now click anywhere to open a box with the data for that address. Change categories, and re-enter the address if you wish.

Credit: Map by Alfred Ng

Data: Provided by Central New York Fair Housing and Alys Mann, Alys Mann Consulting, Ithaca, N.Y.

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