“Where you live determines where you work, where you go to school …. EVERYTHING.”

CNY Fair Housing’s Sally Santangelo: from growing up in Syracuse to helping the city grow


As the executive director of CNY Fair Housing in Syracuse, Sally Santangelo is  an expert on discrimination and affordable housing, the author of the comprehensive “Impediments to Fair Housing” report that was published late last year and that became the data foundation for the project.

But long before she was a community figure championing for fair housing rights, Santangelo was a child growing up in a household with its fair share of financial difficulties. But they never lost their home, and Santangelo is confident that was critical.

It was the first impressionable experience she had with the importance of a stable place to live. Through the years, Santangelo has grown a family of her own. When she is spending her days helping others, she is reminded of her three sons and the importance of providing them a stable home life.

From her childhood until now, Santangelo has always had a place to call her own, and she says that is something that drives her daily passion to make that a reality for others.

Sally Santangelo explains Syracuse’s housing and segregation issues

And Santangelo has a lot of knowledge about Syracuse’s current plight relating to segregation and housing.

Her unique perspective and extensive research in her professional role has led to serious conversations about what’s happening in the Salt City.

She extended that conversation with My Housing Matters, and you can listen to it below.


— Podcast by Joey Cosco

Joey CoscoCNY Fair Housing’s Sally Santangelo: from growing up in Syracuse to helping the city grow
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