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Resources for residents in Onondaga County who face discrimination

If you are experiencing discrimination, there are many resources in Syracuse to help.

CNY Fair Housing (315-471-0420) works closely with many of the following organizations and can help identify and solve specific problems. The majority of these organizations do not work exclusively with housing, but they could help if your problem falls into one of these categories.

“We do our best to help every person who calls, which can include providing referrals to many of the great community resources that are out there,” said Sally Santangelo, CNY Fair Housing executive director.

“Help is out there, and it does exist,” added Karen Schroeder, CNY Fair Housing assistant director.

What you can do if you don’t need help, but want to help others

“There’s a lot of ways people can help. We are always looking for housing testers for helping in our investigations. People can sign up right on our

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Max AntonucciResources for residents in Onondaga County who face discrimination